Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Decoding/Deconstructing Advertising

Well ladies, if any of you ever had questions regarding how to get handsome young men to wait on your hand and foot – your problem is solved! All you have to do is own an expensive pair of sketchers shoes and your wishes will come true.

Reality? Of course not, but that is most definitely the message that this advertisement is sending.

If we examine the photo we notice that there is an attractive female being waited on by five handsome men. I do not know about your reality, but I find it hard to get one salesperson to help me when shoe-hunting, let alone five.

I also find it ironic how neither the customer nor any of the five salesmen are paying attention to the many pairs of shoes or her feet. None of the men have even bothered to measure their customer’s feet with the foot scale that is anxiously waiting underneath the bench. I am surprised a grumpy, middle aged woman isn’t tapping one of the salesmen on the shoulder and asking for assistance in this harmonious scene.

The message that is being sent in this ad is that if you are a beautiful girl with bleach blond hair, life will be easier for you because men will be attracted to you.

In this ad we are not even drawn to the half a dozen pairs of shoes! Due to line and rule of 3rds in this photo, our eyes automatically focus on the customer’s gestures and facial expression.
The influence that this ad has had on me is not to go out and buy a brand new pair of sketchers shoes, but to get a brand new hair colour. I am more drawn into the customer’s hair than anything else therefore I am tempted to imitate her example.

Whether or not Skechers was selling shoes in this ad, they were sure selling something. Perhaps they will focus more on their merchandise next time.

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