Friday, September 12, 2008

Academic Blogging

As soon as a friend of mine in Ian Reilly's class mentioned that she were to be blogging as a major part of her mark I knew I had to change courses. Writing, a huge passion of mine, is something I love to share. Hence, here I am - courses switched - about to start my blogging journey!

Ian was right. Creating a blog was a relatively simple process. The most difficult part was coming up with a blog title. Another thing he was right about: what is it about Canadians' name choices?

We put so much emphasis on names. We think long and hard about what we call things. Often, we make lists of names we like, names we sort of like, names we think we might like. After this, we ask our friends and family what they think about our selections so far. They either pick two or three names they enjoy or offer new ideas - which confuses us even more!

Why not be spontaneous? We're spontaneous most of the time anyway and usually that turns out fine. Shopping for clothes? Pick the blue shirt! Choosing a movie? When Harry Met Sally! Hamburgers or hot dogs? Well, you get the point. What is it about names that throw us for a loop? Some of us even name things that shouldn't be named! Have you met the guy who names his car? "Hey darling. Hop in my car... her name's... Vicky..." He says deviously. You can tell from the satisfaction in his voice he's thought long and hard about the name of his
98 Volkswagen Jetta.

While thinking about the name for my blog, I found myself reaching into my desk for a pen. I was about to write out different ideas. I stopped myself. No. No I will not. I was listening to Blackbird by the Beatles and was filled with sudden contentment.

Found it.

So, with my blog now named and my first entry almost complete I am on the road to playing my part in the public sphere!



I. Reilly said...

blackbird is said to have been a song about the civil rights movement. i wonder if this amplifies or shifts your sense of what impact your blog might hold for your readers... welcome to the course -- and to the blogosphere.

keep writing,

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I loved your first entry.